Star Wars Music
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Posted 11/9/15 , edited 11/9/15
I love John Williams music from the Star Wars films. Now, all the music from the films is on Spotify from an official Star Wars Account.

I'm currently listening to the music from all the movies in order. I'm in the middle of the Phantom Menace.

Consider this a thread on Star Wars music in general.

Favorite tracks from all the movies? Let's discuss!

I loved the Imperial March. The music just was incredible and ominous whenever Vader entered a room. I almost want it to play whenever I enter a room. That said, Duel of the Fates from the Phantom Menace may be one of my favorites. The music just fits the fight sequence in a way I was not expecting. It's amazing.

Say what you will about the acting of the prequels, the music was still awesome.
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Posted 11/9/15 , edited 11/9/15
Return of the Jedi has always been my favorite soundtrack, especially "Emperor's Throne Room", "The Battle of Endor III", and "Victory Celebration". The latter was one of few edits to the Special Edition that I actually appreciated, because the original Ewok song didn't fit the ending that much.
Posted 11/11/15 , edited 11/11/15
It's really great that the Star Wars music now is on Spotify, the ambience of each track brings forward memories of these movies.

I have a soft spot for "Across the Stars" (Anakin & Padme theme) but who doesn't love "Imperial March" , "Throne Room / End Titles" or "Duel of the Fates"!!!

Hail Sith!!!
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Posted 12/19/15 , edited 12/20/15
john williams is THE best. i was disappointed when i saw that he didnt do jurassic world. so i didnt expect him to do the force awakens. i guess he retired
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