The Dynamic Duo Channel
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What exactly is the Dynamic Duo?...Eh maybe watch the trailer to find out? Or skip it and move to the text...whichever you want

Welcome to the Dynamic Duo! A youtube channel devoted to Let's Plays of whatever game catches our fancy, anime reviews, and unboxings with other exciting live action bits!

Currently we are doing a play through of 3 different games! In each one we have a different player! New episodes are added every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday!

In this corner we have our Bloodborne shenanigans. I try my hand out at this evil game and try not to go insane from it as my roommate makes fun of my lack to play games...

Our first co-op adventure! Chris and I try to perfect Pikmin 2 as I try to memorize this game while he leaves me behind to suffer...

Now it's Chris' turn to be the single player and I become the backseat driver! Watch as he fails at Super Mario Galaxy as we try to 100% the game

Another game where Chris and I try to help each other! Join us through battles of betrayal...and death...and FRIENDSHIP OF COURSE!!!

Interested in our anime reviews? We gotcha covered! We release a new episode every Thursday and hope you enjoy every single one of them!

Interested in unboxing videos? We got that as well as we open Omakase's premiere box featuring Kill La Kill!

A tumblr user? Well we got that as well!

So we hope to see you at the Dynamic Duo so you can enjoy our stupidity and horrible game play, maybe a little story or two will get you laughing as we hope to. Can't wait to see everyone there!

Let's Plays: Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday
Anime Reviews: Thursday

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