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Leafs by Snoop
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Posted 11/12/15 , edited 11/13/15

eclair-lumiere wrote:

To all the brainwashed americans who think my posts are "bait", no they are not bait. I am 100% serious.

But you know what? I don't give a flying fuck what happens in your country. If you all want to kill each other with guns while high, then fine. Be my guest.

And as for the UK supposedly taking away free will from everyone, that's ironic coming from you lot. With all the religious extremism in America there's no free will there. If you're an atheist, gay, black, any religion except christian, or oppose guns or pot then you're basically not accepted in society. So much for land of the free.

how about you stop with the hate?
I understand that you are bitter here, but attacking a country and saying they are all brainwashed will not make your point claim any validity.

on the other hand some of you are a bit out of line as well don't you think?

Let me just say, I used to smoke. This is something i regret, but not because of my health. I am actually incredibly healthy, i wake up and do push ups and pull ups, and i stretch every morning, i have amazing lungs. Also, I do well in school, I am a straight A student. So please hear me out here.

Pot is definitely no worse then spirits or tobacco in the aspect of your direct health. (mind you i have been clean sober except for vaping and coffee, but only in moderation)
Pot is dangerous when you form a life around it.
When you wake up, smoke, eat, drink coffee, smoke before work, smoke after work, eat, smoke before bed. rinse wash repeat.

you can do this cycle every day without any real physical health related damage.
The damage is mental, it is psychological. Now i by no means think that pot is evil, I smoked just like the above for years. like i said i am in perfect health at this moment. Why did i stop?
Money, Dwindling ambition, and above all I did not want to be complacent with a situation I was unhappy with.

you say you are afraid of dui related crashes, but that is still illegal in the untied states on any substance, you can even get pulled over and arrested for over taking caffeine or sleep deprivation, you may not be charged the same way for those but the police will not let you drive and may take you for over night detaining depending on the severity.

also, people do drink and drive, and that attributes to more accidents then pot does, although does not excuse abuse of any substance followed by operation of a vehicle. the truth is it is far safer to give to a patient in hospitals then a lot of pharmaceutical medications and if the patient is happy with that solution who are we to judge what a sick person wants? and that does not have to be life threatening conditions.

and yes, if you look at eh records they speak for them selves, It is still safer then cigarettes.... but let us say that it is not safer for arguments sake, if we make it illegal for the safety of people then why do we sell alcohol at all? Also, why do we arrest people instead of send them to rehab?

just some food for though.
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/27/17
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