Post Reply Shockwave player keeps crashing on firefox sicne last night, looking for assistance
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Posted 11/11/15 , edited 11/11/15

Alright, so last night me and a friend were watching some anime. (This was before I made my account on the site. I just made it to post here)

We got though 4 Eps no trouble but once the 5th came on and it got to the first advertise, All of my firefox froze up and it said Shockwave player is unresponsive. It has been doing it since last night even with a reset and it is only Crunchyroll which has the issue so it is not a problem directly with firefox.. Since the first crash it has crashed consistently the moment the video loads with out ever showing a picture or even the first ad. Just instantly crashes.

I did decide to try it on another web-browser and the website works perfectly fine with Chrome, same as the videos. (I tested it by getting to and past the first ad in a show. with no crashes)

Since firefox is my main web browser and that this is still a technical issue I figured I would mention it here and ask about it. I have the latest firefox build as well as the most up to date flash player update of 19.something.
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Posted 11/11/15 , edited 11/11/15

Check your inbox. We can work to get this resolved.
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