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Graphic Moderators

- help out finishing requesting
- should be able to update freebies as well
- willing to help out making the group themes
- should be able to help out the creator with the prizes/awards/ and birthday gifts
- you can make your own membership card but you will be charged of doing so

Jewels Teller

- should be able to counted each game forums and the requesting forums too
- turn off the setting and edit the second or third post. Second Post is " Moderator List " and for Third Post is " Members List ".
- if your having trouble adding things up use calculator or paper to add them if you can't do it in your head

Multi-tasker Manager

- should be able to do the whole thing on this list right above the application form
- if your active all day that would be great
- if your adding up jewels be sure to use 26 px font size on the games thread " уσυ'νє вєєη ¢συηтє∂! "
Forum Moderators

- make new games if it isn't taken on the list
- make sure to added " Earn # Jewels " right below of how to play.
- be sure to keep all forums cleaned if one of the moderators got their account nuke please re-do the games

Secruity Moderators

- make sure to keep forums clean
- visit the group daily

BB Code Moderators

- make bb codes
- help with any coding issues
- set up camp in the bb code thread

what type of job you wish to take? (among the list on the above & please check off what position you want if its " x " you don't want to become that position, if its "√" you do want to become that position...)
can you do gif? (Y/N) -graphic mod-
what can you do to help this group to stay active as possible? -answer truthfully-
are there any ideas to add onto the group? -answer truthfully-
are you trusted enough? -be honest- [obtains: no childish dramas, no hacking groups, etc..]
can you visit the group when your online?
how active are you? -show percentage-
show examples -graphic mod only on spoiler or links-
here is a test for applying as a graphic mod: (as probation you need to make an avatar - 200x500... pick one of these renders links) -- just uploaded on the EG Test Album > click here
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Thanks ill fix that later.
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You've Been Accepted!
Congrats! You've been accepted as a Graphic Moderator. You may start putting up your freebies be sure to link them on the list. Oh and be sure to pm the creator or co-creator if your going to be on hiatus... // could you take care of the first two requests thanks..
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