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F / Alberta, Canada.
Posted 11/17/15
Neat! Despite my many nerdy board games, I haven't played many of the more traditional sort.
Posted 9/2/16
I love casual-tier board games, but of course have no one to play with IRL, and no one I want to play with online, or if I do, am too nervous to play with them.

Chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble are all my favourites. I don't care for complex board games, because I get too confused in the beginning and often feel too bad when I lose at something that requires real brain power.
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25 / M
Posted 9/18/16
First bit off topic, I was once avid wh40k player, got big army of Black Templars + some Daemon Hunters but the hobby has faded away by now. I got still all the models stored somewhere.

Board games, everything goes, I've played all kinds of. At the moment I own 7 Wonders, Bang the Bullet edition, Munckin + all basic expansions.

My favorites are so far:
Bang! for casual card playing fun with +5 players, easy to teach to new players, social interactions. You can grab few beers and have fun

7Wonders, game has barely any interactions with another players, the amount of stuff on board may get confusing for new players but when you get a grip, it's easy to play straight forward.

Doom the board game just holds special place in my heart, it's really fun 3 marines vs 1 monster player. Turn and grid based combat, it plays almost like XCOM Pc-game but as a board game. Two of my friends own the game, other one owns the expansion set also. Production is discontinued so the price for the game is really really high nowadays.
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23 / M / strangereal
Posted 9/18/16 , edited 9/18/16
Chess, majong (badly), go (badly), monopoly and whatever my cousins bring.

Not that good with board games but I guess I did preorder that dark souls board game for whatever reason.
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25 / F / New Jersey
Posted 9/21/16 , edited 9/21/16
My favorite board games:
Apples to Apples
Posted 9/21/16
The Game of Life
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Posted 9/30/16
I've played plenty of board games since i loved spend time with my neighbors and cousins.
I've played:
Chinese Parcheesi (with balls instead of flat pieces)
Guess who?
The Goose game
Normal playing cards
Ladders and Slides
The Game Of Life
And others that i don't remember.

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Posted 10/3/16
I am actually a board game collector. i have so many of them!
To name a few though i have
The big book of madness
Small world
Legendary marvel deck building game (and a tons of expansions for it)\
Super dungeon explorers (the original one haven't gotten the remake with the new rules yet)
Castle panic
Cards against humanity

And that is just to list a few. i usually entertain tons of guests one day every week so i always like to keep getting new board games for us all to play together.
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23 / M / UK
Posted 10/7/16
D&D if that counts
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19 / M / Palm Coast, Florida
Posted 10/10/16
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32 / M / Chicago
Posted 8/13/17
been big into board games these last few years!

defenders of the realm is a fantastic game its actually a co op board game which is a lot of fun

gotham is a great batman/risk style game where you use batman villians to take over the world

pokemon board games pretty neat too! just ridiculous when you fight the final boss you need a lot of powerups or you wont win
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Posted 8/15/17
I'd love to play a bunch of the board games coming out lately, but don't really have the people to play with, most would rather play video games or do something else completely.
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