Christmas spirit
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Posted 11/12/15
For some, the Christmas spirit hits them right after Thanksgiving, when the holiday season begins. Some don't feel it right until the eve of Christmas, some don't even feel it at all. Whether you're a Christian or an Atheist who celebrates Christmas, that spirit may or may not come.

And then there are some who feel it pretty early on. For me this year, after Halloween ended, the Christmas spirit hit me soon after.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, no matter if religiously or culturally: do you believe you have a choice of when the Christmas spirit hits you? When do you usually start feeling it? What do you think causes you to feel it at a certain time or inversely, what prevents you from having the spirit.

For those who don't celebrate Christmas, do you feel a similar spirit when other holidays come around? Do you feel that the spirit hits you involuntarily or do you have more of a choice of when you get excited? Any comments or feelings towards seeing society get ready for Christmas and how it influences the people around you?

For me, it hit pretty early, but mostly because I needed a goal to work to as this is my first year in college. I want Winter Break to finally come and something to make me feel warm and cheerful inside, a good goal to be excited about as I work to the end of the semester. I'm not a Christian, I celebrate Christmas culturally and tend to see it as a time of year of love, compassion, and celebrating the bonds between family, friends, and loved ones.

I'd love to hear more about this phenomenon and how it influences or doesn't influence other people, so lay it on me.

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Posted 11/12/15 , edited 11/12/15
I would say the Christmas spirit has little to do with the holiday and more about seeing my family.

I moved to Cleveland from Little Rock a while back, and it's been two years since I've seen any family member. My mom and I have always been really tight, and it's been painful to go without her for this long. But as soon as my Christmas plans were finalized, I immediately felt like it would be a real holiday this year. With us, it's always been about hugs and mashed potatoes instead of presents.

Another thing that helps me get into it is my annual Christmas playlist. It varies only slightly year to year, but I've managed to assemble some pretty awesome songs that you don't hear on the radio a lot, and my friends love it when I pass it along.

Should probably get to that soon...

Posted 11/12/15
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Posted 11/12/15
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