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Posted 11/12/15 , edited 11/15/15
By: battlewaitress

The Monogatari series is back with its newest installment, Owarimonogatari, and its doing what is does best; providing beautiful animation and almost thirty minutes of straight-up talking.

With Owarimonogatari, the series is approaching its seventy-episode mark. Despite the fact it's had plenty of chances to get boring, or lower in quality, it hasn't. In fact, I'd even say that this arc is one of the stronger ones so far.

Monogatari has always gone into everyone's problems, but most of the time, it didn't feel to me that it really went deeper than the surface level. You find out about someone's family, or situation, and it propels the story, but never really comes up again (the exception to this being Hanekawa's arcs, which felt like full-circle completion). Owari shows the full depth of how disappointing and difficult it can be to be a lonely adolescent with the story of Sodachi. To compare with the growth Hanekawa went through, you know her story, but she never really reveals her deeper feelings, especially not to anyone else. Sodachi is the complete opposite. You find out exactly how she feels, and it's poignant because it's relatable, because feelings of jealousy at other people's happiness and not feeling good enough are something that everyone has suffered through.

While Monogatari has always been fantastic at character development and being character-driven, I really think Owari has pushed the boundaries even further. With Sodachi, and also with Ougi, who, while not being an entirely “new” character, hasn't had a large role like this yet.

Ougi adds a layer of distrust and discomfort to Owari. There's always unease whenever she's around (I use female pronouns for ease of use, since there's some gender ambiguity going on, but that's how she's presented in this arc). Ougi has presented herself in the past in a way she knows she'll appeal to people; male at times, perhaps to be more intimidating or more convincing that she's 'friends' with Araragi; and female to Kanbaru and Araragi, both for obvious reasons. She lives for chaos, that much is obvious; she had a hand in Sengoku's transformation, and was the reason Kaiki got attacked in the end of Koi.

One of the most interesting parts of Owari is watching how she interacts with Araragi, because she manipulates him. She's fully aware of his weakness for girls, but he doesn't sexualize her like he does with... well, just about everyone else. Instead, she invades his personal space, making him uncomfortable in a way that's ridiculously satisfying, with how stupid he can be sometimes. It's turning the tables. Araragi says that he can't help but just say things whenever Ougi is around, and it's going to be fascinating to see how that's going to come back in this arc and bite him in the ass. Hopefully, Hanekawa will also continue to have a role, considering how suspicious she is of Ougi.

There's still a lot to see in Owarimonogatari, and if you've enjoyed the series so far, you owe it to yourself to check it out. There's still the beautiful animation as always, along with the quirks and parodies, and the emotional capacity is an even higher step up than it's been in the past. There's a quote from Hanekawa, “Troubling those we care about is how we do things.” I can't think of a better way to summarize the show with just one line, and I'm sure there's a ton more trouble and resolution to work its way through, in the upcoming episodes.
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Posted 11/13/15
Good review, I really like the Monogatari Series (i could probably say that it is my favorite anime) and i enjoyed a lot what has happened in this arc. Ougi has quite a distinctive presence that i don't remember quite being it on another character, it doesn't act precisely in a supernatural way but just by looking at it you know it is definitely not normal.

In my opinion i think she totally stole the spotlight on this arc and that was great, she can be aggressive while at the same time funny or with a creepy vibe it is a flexible character and in Araragi's words "Oshino Ougi is Oshino Ougi. No matter what she does that may seem out of character, it always ends up being something characteristic of her"

What i really liked of Monogatari in general it is that characters are very consistent in how they act or think, Ougi not being an exception. My favorite Arc it is still Koimonogatari because i really like Kaiki as a main character, it has my favorite dialogues but this one has proven to me that it is pretty great too.

Pd: I really liked all the Math references in most of the episodes, it thought they were pretty fun. On the other side y ended up preferring a lot more Ougi's opening to Sodachi's i really didn't dig the second opening.
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