What do you like about your top 5 anime?
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Finally, I have come around to post something on these forums. I got inspired to recall what is memorable about the my favorite anime series so that I won't forget when I pass this on to my son:

In no particular order these are my favorite anime of all time:

- Moriboto: Never have I seen such a beautiful realistic, fantasy anime series before. I say realistic fantasy because the setting could easily have taken place in any of the old Asian countries, yet appearance of 2 moons clearly indicates a different fantasy world. Pensive, understated, and moving story-line of an atypical hero - a female bodyguard - makes this one of my favorite anime of all times. The sound track is excellent and supports this mood so well.

-.Hikaro No Go: I wish Cartoon Networks would have the balls and talent to make a cartoon that makes "Chess" cool. They don't. Hikaro No Go is that equivalent for the board game Go or Weichi. No cursing, no blood, no violence or nudity, and yet the anime carries itself by excellent story-telling. Yes, it is one of those stories where a teenage boy overcomes the odds, but the setup is unique! For me the brave topic, story-telling and bright art make this anime a stand-out.

- Sword Art Online: I love MMORPGs, and some how this anime - the first season in particular beautifully captures culture in MMORPGs. As an OST lover, the OST really stands out. Apart from that, it is another one of those teenage boys overcomes all odds.

- Samurai X OVA: When I watched this anime originally, I remember being depressed for a hole week afterwards. The drama in this OVA is excutiatingly well done despite being a bit aged at this point. Although the series is good too, it was this OVA that really stood out and made it one of the top all time anime.

- Natsume Jinchiro: Somehow, I am drawn to pensive pieces of art kind of stories that distinguish themselves from the typical robot fighter or teenage boy who overcomes all odds and becomes all strong type of anime. Natsume solidly falls in the category of slice-of-life. The pace in each episode is so slow, and yet the leisurely pace of story-telling together with the relaxed mood of the main character make this series stand out.

- Space Brothers: I wish this episode continued here on Crunchyroll. Hopeful story-telling and humor is what stands out in this anime.

- Planetes: Another science-fiction story but not Gundam style :-) Instead it's focusing on crew-members who remove space junk or space debris. It's intriguing setups like these that I am appreciating in the see of bot-fighting anime.
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Everything and anything.
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Karas - It's simply epic and its criminally underrated. Not to mention its has some of my kind of heroes. Dark armored swordsmen. Plus its got a sweet OST.

Kannazuki no Miko - the yuri, the feels and more feels

DBZ - My childhood

AOT - Same reason as Karas in that is has great story, characters, setting, etc.

Casshern Sins - Another underrated classic that needs exposure. Casshern is a great guy that I can relate to.
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Baccano - I love the music, the atmosphere, the setting, the characters, and the way the story was structured.

Monogatari Series - The character interactions, weird visuals, and clever word plays. The series is weird, but fun and I love it. "Second Season" is my favorite season.

Cowboy Bebop - The brilliant soundtrack, the animation during fight scenes/space battles, the fun characters. Bebop genuinely feels better every time I re-watch it.

Nana - The really cool characters, the music, the comedy, and the contrast between the two main characters.

Hajime no Ippo - The fights are awesome, the characters are all fun and sympathetic, and the music is good at hyping me up.

I love well-done, fun character interactions. If I love the majority of the cast, and they interact well with each other then there's a good chance the anime will be one of my favorites.
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Clannad Afterstory - Unbelievable show, nothing could come close to impacting your life as this show can I can't rate it highly enough. The ost and art is brilliant never cried so hard before in my life. (Best anime ever IMO)

Shinsekai Yori - underrated massively this show should be in the top 15 easily. I think people get put off but the homosexual relationships but don't let it put you off. This show is a true masterpiece, it captivates you and the episodes fly by your eyes before you realise what the time is. One of the most engaging anime I have ever watched you simply have to know what happens in this show.

Steins Gate - One of the best story's in all anime, amazing characters, drama, comedy and music. Also has the best ever opening theme song 'Hackin to the gate' what a song!! This epic show continues with a ova and a movie also brilliant and a must see. My second highest rated show after Clannad Afterstory a true marvel.

Tengen Toppa Gurran Lagann - No show has a progression quite like this one, its a story on epic proportions, its so bad ass and the characters are amazing. This show has been labelled as one of the milestones of modern anime its art is out of this world and it really raised the bar for anime in general when it was released. Masterpiece!

I was struggling for a 5th that lives up to the shows already mentioned but I have decided to go wit ha recent one. Your Lie in Aprl - is a masterpiece of sound, story, art and animation. What you can learn from this show and how it makes you feel is second to none. It is really a spectacle sitting back and watching this show and I can recommend it to anyone even non anime lovers.
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SAO captures everything gamers want from an MMORPG in the wrong way possible. It's an insult to me as an MMORPG player and it should be banished from the face of the Earth!
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element42 wrote:

Clannad Afterstory - Unbelievable show, nothing could come close to impacting your life as this show can I can't rate it highly enough. The ost and art is brilliant never cried so hard before in my life. (Best anime ever IMO)

Actually, you are totally right, the whole Clannad series is epically happy-sad if you know what I mean. And again, great anime somehow often times have great sound tracks as well!
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Thornhale wrote:

element42 wrote:

Clannad Afterstory - Unbelievable show, nothing could come close to impacting your life as this show can I can't rate it highly enough. The ost and art is brilliant never cried so hard before in my life. (Best anime ever IMO)

Actually, you are totally right, the whole Clannad series is epically happy-sad if you know what I mean.

Tomoya got the bad ending, so he reloaded a save game.

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1. Pokemon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYuZlhCPbjM
2-5. Gintama - It entertains me.
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Things I liked in my Top 5 anime:

One Piece
- longest running series
- a never-ending adventure
- the idea of friendship
- no character is useless
- no romance bullshit in it
- it's hilarious
- bad ass villains, admirals, and marines
- the other pirate crews from the worst generation/11 supernovas
- the unique devil fruit powers
- the mystery of things like the devil fruits, Will of D/what the D stands for, Void Century, the poneglyphs, Raftel, the whole Grand Line, and the One Piece itself
- music is good, opening and ending themes as well as OSTs

Dragon Ball Z
- it's the first anime I've ever watched, it's what got me hooked into anime in the first place!!
- I like the powers: flying, the use of energy forces, the fusions, their strength in trainings,
- the technology is cool: the space pods, spaceships, scouter, dragon radar, capsules
- unique locations: on earth (Kami's Tower, the Hyberbolic Time Chamber), in outer space (Namek, Planet Vegeta), and the other world (snake way, the check-in station, King Kai's Planet, Grand Kai's Planet)
- other than humans, there are aliens, androids, guardians, witches/wizards, a dragon that grants wishes
- other cool stuff like the flying nimbus and the sensu beans
- I think the comedy is cute because I think it's innocent
- the villains were cool too
- the retro sounding music!!

- Aside from Shounen, Gang anime will always be a second favourite genre for me.
- the complex story line
- I liked how all the characters eventually crossed paths with each other with their gangs/families
- the fight scenes that involved the gangs/families
- the 1930's image *thumbs up*
- immorality!!!

- romance anime are not really my thing but this was well done
- it made me felt a type of way after I finished it
- the anime is waaaay too real, I don't doubt that this happens in real life
- I like the character designs
- the punk rocker fashion looked really cool, I would wear that XD
- both main characters share the same name "Nana"
- both of them go through every thing together and help one another
- the love story is complex
- both of the main characters' love interests are also complex
- the opening and ending theme songs!! Osts good too, especially the sad sounding ones

Death Note
- I just want to start off by saying that the OSTs for this anime is amazing!!
- I liked how it was two very intelligent people fighting against each other
- the Death Note itself was an interesting concept, along with the shinigami, and the eyes
- it was interesting to see the creative ways Light uses the Death Note to kill without getting caught
- Wammy's house because it's cool to see others that are just as smart as L, if not smarter.

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Favorite anime, thats a hard one to tackle for sure, but lets give it a go :)

Bodicious Space Pirates
Unlike the rather stupid english title this serie is great to watch and keeps it interesting.
The movie that functions as the serie's ending "Abyss of Hyperspace" keeps up the same atmosphere and leaves u hungering for more!

Bakemonogatari Series
This series and the rest are all masterpieces in pretty much any way as long as u can follow it since it can be rather confusing at times :s
But that does't take away the fact that they are all a joy to watch :)

Ranma 1/2
A old serie i recently discovered that keeps u watching and is very good aside from some cliches that pop up from time to time.
even trough the animation is old it still looks good and u see it inprove more and more as the serie progresses.

The Garden of Sinners
Even though this movie series can be rather confusing its a joy to watch on a dark evening or after some of the Monogatari series, since its seems to have some simularities when it comes to storytelling.
But the most fun are the doll animated cinema warnings(like no smoking or cellphones off) that u see at the beginning of every movie.

Log Horizon
Nothing beats this series when it comes to MMO-related anime.
It has a great story and what it misses in fan service it story more then makes up for.

Kill La Kill
I would never have thought that a anime with clothing as one of the main themes would be so much fun to watch as this one is with its over the top humor and heroines in skimpy outfits as well as a good story its does't bore u anytime soon.

Chaika the Coffin princess season 1&2
A anime with a unique story as well as good aktion it will not bore u easly
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Posted 11/21/15 , edited 11/22/15
I'm not really sure why I love these five but...

1. Sailor Moon - both sub and the dubbed are great and beautiful animation and a wonderful story. Also characters you would love or hate

2. Record of Lodoss War - As with Sailor Moon, this series has beautiful animation and an awesome soundtrack
3. Voltron - I don't really remember when I discover it both I love both and the original anime series it came from "GoLion". Plus the awesome animation from Toei

4. Mermaid Melody - Great songs and animation
5. GeGeGe no Kitaro - Recently discovered last year and now I'm VERY obsessed with that "animanga" franchise. I love the 1968 and 1985 version out of the different anime series Kitaro had been adapted by Toei Animation
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In no particular order...

Ground Control to Psycho-electric Girl - Every single character and their interactions. They take what most times would be a traditional harem and spin it on it's ear with truly quirky and original characters (and plenty of E.T. puns and references).

Umineko When They Cry - The Darkness, mysteries and pure evil throughout making you wonder which parts are fantasies, delusions or reality make it a kick.

Steins;Gate - The first anime time travel story I actually ever enjoyed.

Sakura Trick - Innocent first love in pure moe fashion.

Locodol - Taking the whole Idol scene down a notch starting truly at ground level makes for truly unique and funny moments.
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nabari no ou - death note may have stolen my Anime Virginity but nabari no ou stole my heart. i love this one so so much aaaa the characters are well thought out and it's so Beautiful And Tragic oh my stars i could talk about how much i love it forever

free! - idc what ppl say about free! it's one of the best sports anime in my opinion. the Friendship is definitely it's charm point. the animation is vv pretty, unless you're a Background Character. just don't watch the dub. the dub made me cry.

ouran high school host club - do i even need to explain Why ouran is one of my faves

shingeki no kyojin - such anger and rage in one main character. the main characters are All rad and the plot is p intense and i can even forgive the fact that season 2 still isn't out because i love it that much

aoharu x kikanjuu - i did't want to watch this at first because i found out that it wasn't gay and they weren't really killing each other. i'm Glad i did watch it because wow i am still In Love with this one. it's stressful and funny and the characters all have chemistry will each other Wow i really love aoharu x kikanjuu

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