Post Reply Who is you favourite Nauto Character?
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17 / M / Uchiha Village
Posted 11/13/15
sasuke uchiha

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30 / M / Virginia
Posted 11/13/15
Chōji Akimichi
Posted 11/13/15
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23 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 11/25/15 , edited 12/3/15
I'm with Ace.
Sasuke has been my favorite character since literally the first episode xD
Posted 12/1/15 , edited 12/3/15
Lel this is a hard question for most people stop making it look easy! At first it was Kiba, then Gaara, then Naruto. After that Shippuden started. I started off liking Naruto but quickly changed to Sasori and
Deidara. Next, Itachi vs. Sasuke made him my favorite character. Then
Then Konan blew my mind against Tobi, which made her my favorite. When Sasuke
When all the jinchuuriki were revealed, I declared Yagura my favorite. Finally, I realized who I really liked. And he goes by.... well, here is my top 12 first!
12. Hinata Hyuuga
11. Kiba Inuzuka
10. Naruto Uzumaki
9. Gaara
8. Deidara
7. Sasori
6. Yagura
5. Konan
4. Obito Uchiha
3. Itachi Uchiha
2. Sasuke Uchiha
1. Madara Uchiha!
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27 / M / Texas
Posted 12/21/15
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