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Anyone else listen to kpop?
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24 / F / Delaware
Posted 11/13/15 , edited 11/13/15
This is my first post, just curious to know how many fellow members are into kpop as well
Let's get to know each other c:
I don't have anyone else to talk to about this xD

List your favorite groups, songs, or biases

I like:
BAP (cant wait for their comeback it's been forever)
Bias: Daehyun <3...even though Yongguk has my attention at times

Biases: Minho with a bit of Jonghyun smushed with Taemin
I just...can't with SHINee

Biases: V & Jimin
It's UNBELIEVABLY hard to even have one bias with this group (well with any group actually)
I have to admit I liked Rapmonster at first I just have a thing for rappers -sigh-
I think when "Just One Day" came out I was panicking over V, Jimin & J-Hope
Then somehow when "Dope" was released my eyes went to Jungkook (felt like sin, so young so young)
OH!!! Can't forget Dr. Jin

Biases: N & Ravi
Lets not EVEN talk about "Chained Up" my bias list was on pause for that video
Ken & Leo almost had me...I barely made it

Biases: Jackson & JB
Yes I've watched Real Got7 and Dream Knight
Watching Roommate made me like Jackson even more
I was excited when they appeared on Running Man

These groups I like as a WHOLE which means even though I have my biases I still like them all very much
They complete each other and I couldn't imagine them any other way c:
Of course I like other groups, but everyone has their favs
I'm always curious to what bias you have in groups so please share!
Im weak for rappers (obviously), blondes, and high notes so if you have any new groups to recommend
please let me know

Im trying to get to know IKON, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, 24k, & BIGSTAR atm
If you have any song suggestions by them tell me :3
I have heard:
IKON - "My Type"
SEVENTEEN - "Mansae"
MONSTA X - "Hero" Rooftop Ver.
24k - "Superfly" & "Hey You"
BIGSTAR - "Full Moon Shine"

I'm not 100% strictly into just boy groups...even though it looks that way o:
I just don't have a girl group that I'm crazy for
I do have songs in my playlist by girl groups though

Don't be afraid to add song suggestions from girl groups also

Thank youuuuuu :3

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27 / M / Florida
Posted 11/13/15 , edited 11/13/15
Have you listened to Beast? Try this song and see if you like them:
One of the members does a side project with HyunA called Trouble Maker, which is good too. In my opinion. I have nowhere NEAR the K-pop experience that you seem to have!
Posted 11/13/15 , edited 11/13/15
I love kpop. B.A.P. Is probably my top favourite.
Posted 11/13/15 , edited 11/13/15
What girl groups have you listened to?
Posted 11/14/15 , edited 11/14/15
I've came across a few K-Pop groups that sounded awesome. I'm not a hardcore fan, but I'll listen to if from time to time for a change of pace.
Posted 11/14/15 , edited 11/15/15
I saw F(x) live at a festival in London and they are actually pretty good with a lot of energy.

I like the 90's k-pop group 쿨 aswell.
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24 / F / Delaware
Posted 11/21/15 , edited 11/21/15
Dagurasu33 - Yes I've heard of Beast and I have a few of their songs on my playlist c:

Esperhero - BAP is also my top fav, as for girl groups...I've listened to Girl's Generation, Red Velvet, A-Pink
G-Friend, Bestie, Mamamoo, Rainbow, Crayon Pop, 9 Muses, T-Ara, Secret, Wonder Girls, EXID, Miss A
4 Minute, Kara, AOA, f[x], Girl's Day, Sistar, 2ne1, After School...etc

Aeroclimatic - I understand, a change of pace is nice now and then!
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29 / F / Philippines
Posted 11/24/15 , edited 11/25/15
Hi! Glad to find a fellow KPOP fan here. :)

I grew up listening to 90's KPOP groups like H.O.T, god, Fin K. L., and Shinhwa. I was in elementary school back then. I'm quite familiar with many groups today, but I can say that my major fandoms are TVXQ and EXO.

I've known TVXQ since 2006, and EXO since their teasers were released in 2011.

Bias/es: Yunho

Bias/es: Chanyeol and D.O.
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F / Rabbit House cafe
Posted 12/3/15 , edited 12/4/15
biases: Lay and Sehun
hnngg i could listen to EXO all day everyday
Posted 12/4/15 , edited 12/4/15
A little late maybe but B.A.P.'s comeback *cough cough*
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23 / F / Earth .
Posted 12/9/15 , edited 12/10/15
So like ive been binge listening to 2ne1 for the past week...cause like... I miss them. ;-;
Posted 12/14/15 , edited 12/14/15

Girls' Generation is my favourite band evaaa! ♡
Taeyeon is my ultimate bias, I wanna hug her so tight!!
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Posted 12/15/15 , edited 8/31/16
hallyu wave died in 2015
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30 / M / Washington Metrop...
Posted 12/25/15 , edited 12/26/15
I do, big fan here.

onibrotonel wrote:

hallyu wave died in 2015

No it hasn't. It still growing.

Posted 12/26/15 , edited 12/26/15
Nah, not really my thing.
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