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Post Reply Anyone else listen to kpop?
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25 / Ikemen next door
Posted 11/5/16 , edited 11/5/16
I listen to Kpop but not as much as when I first got into it. I was an army but I got disappointed because of the fans. Now, I'm listening to SM Entertainment's songs esp NCT, and SM Station where they feature different artists and genre.

Watch out for Victon, Plan A's newest boy group, the brother of APink.

These are the current groups that I usually listen - NCT, Up10Tion, EXO, SuperJunior, Got7, MonstaX, WJSN, SNSD, Red Velvet, f(x), Shinee, B2ST, Seventeen (Seungkwanie <3) and I can't remember the other groups that I listen but they're mostly from SMEntertainment, JYP, Cube Entertainment, TSNEnt and etc.

When will they plan to debut Johnny Seo, Qian Kun and Ji Hansol though!
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23 / M / Midnight City
Posted 11/5/16
Hello Venus, Crayon Pop, Orange Caramel.
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21 / 11.8728° N, 122.8...
Posted 29 days ago
No, but I want to try. Any recommendations?
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20 / F
Posted 21 days ago , edited 21 days ago
Favorite songs atm:
BTS - Save me
Sistar - I like that
Luna - Free somebody
Cl - Get Lifted
Exid - Every night
And I'll always love anything by Hyuna of 4minute
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