Is losing a child an excuse for supporting the War on Drugs
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Posted 11/14/15 , edited 11/14/15
I wanna beat these women hard enough to make Ray Rice jealous of me. I would say I feel bad for their loss, but I don't.
I would feel bad for their loss but they're fucking with me and my freedom. So I hate these women with a passion. Those store should have the right to call the police and have each of these whores arrested for disturbing the peace, and loitering.
If America worked the way I wanted, the store owner should have been able to walk out with a gun, ask them to leave, and shoot them all dead if they say "no".

I get angry when I see anti-freedom hate groups like these attacking small business. Let me guess, right wing anti-drug, "just say no" whores.. Probably alcoholic whore who smoke more crack than their kids and wanna blame others for their shit parenting.
I don't hate mothers. I dont' hate families of dead drug addicts. I hate people who encroach upon my freedom. I don't hate gays, but I sure would like to beat Dan Savage until his teeth are missing and the only he'd do is suck dick for the rest of his life since he'd be unable to continue talking shit as he always does.

If America had any sense, the fire department would be fire hosing these women down the street.

This video makes me puke, seeing an anti-freedom demonstration against a small business that's just trying to survive. I hate seeing the thing that makes America great being victimized.

I'm sorry, but I cannot see these women as anything other than facists whores. When you support the War on Drugs, I hate you. And I hate you even if you lost a child. I cannot sympathize with these women anymore than I can sympathize with other anti-drug facists.
My hatred for anti-drug activists makes the Westboro Baptist Church look like LGBT allies in comparison.
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Posted 11/14/15 , edited 11/14/15

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