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Employment & Education: Right or Privilege?
Posted 11/15/15 , edited 11/16/15

dougeprofile wrote:

I have a right to keep the money I earn, NOT to pay for another's privilege; students who don't merit their privilege should loose their "right" to a "free" education.

No matter how much you think anarchy is the founding principle of America, you're going to be wrong. Stop watching Fox News.
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Posted 11/15/15 , edited 11/16/15
I think that they are both privileges, in that, you should work for both.

If a person does not care about their fate they do not deserve a free run of the mill.
Offer a better schooling system, one where just about anyone can go, and if they continually mess up then disciplinary action should be taken.

work is a privilege, i would hate to be stuck working with someone who would not do their part because they know they wont get fired.
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