My top 5 breakfast animes.
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Posted 11/16/15
Hi guys :)

Today, I like to share with you another top 5 list.

This is my top 5 breakfast animes + the level of recommendation:

5- Tantei Team KZ:

this anime has three features:

- it has a good since of comedy.

- it has this slice of life / school life genre in it.

- It's about four school detectives.

Level of recommendation: medium to high

While the anime is good for breakfast, it does have a minor level of wanting to see what

happens next, but the problem is that whoever is watching it will remember other detective animes like

Detective Conan, thus looking down on it.

4- Hero Bank

A sport like anime that has a good comedy and a major plot.

Level of recommendation: medium to high

While the seance of comedy is present, it's a hit or miss. and while the show won't feel like

anything special, it makes you feel like did have breakfast while doing something to help you

start the day.

3- Is the Order a rabbit ?

Level of recommendation: high.

This anime is close to being the perfect breakfast anime, but there are some animes that do

the same thing, but better.

2- Cardfight Vanguard

Level of recommendation: Very High.

Put simply, this is like Pokemon, Yugioh, Digimon, and Bayblade in evrey single way.

But the advantage that this one has is that it can be watched any time of the day and still has the same

feeling of excitement,

1- GJ Club

Level of recommendation Very High

This anime has everything, it is the perfect breakfast anime for me.

The comedy is good, it gives you the energy that you need to start your day.

It's perfect in every single way.

This is my top 5 breakfast anime list.

What do you think about it ?

And what are your top 5 breakfast animes ?

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