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Posted 11/17/15 , edited 11/23/15
Club Rules:
We may not have many and most are common sense, however to prevent arguments I shall list the club rules.

1. Be kind to those around you.
2. Do not spam. Let others speak!
3. Refrain from discussing Anime/Manga/Drama scenes that are for 18+. If you must, then put 18+ in the thread title!
4. No excessive swearing, if any. Try not to but I understand it comes out sometimes. I swear too, at times.
5. Do not post pornographic Images, even in art threads. subtle nudity okay but if its like hentai, we don't need them posted.

Forum Rules:
We encourage Club Members to be social and active. We understand some people are anti-social, however please try to be a member of this 'family'. In this sense we encourage and allow the following thread types and provide a few guide lines to follow.

Personal Art Threads:
We encourage and allow you to make your own personal art thread. This thread could be all posts of your art work such as poems, fanfiction, drawings, paintings, etc. Or it could even be a thread where you post some of your favorite art pieces and write about them and why you love them so much. This thread would be all about you showing off artwork of any kind. It could even be music! All we ask is that you do not use other club members' art work as one of the pieces you share. If you truly love their work then talk about it in their own thread and/or in the "Draw/Write Your Hearts Out" thread. You could even private message them about it or create a thread announcing them as a fantastic artist.

Forum Game Threads:
We encourage and allow you to make forum game threads for club members to share in some casual and fun forum games. If you decide to make it a competitive game for a guess pass or what-have-you, it is entirely up to you. (However if you do make it competitive you are responsible for giving out the prize, unless you contact and ask a moderator to help gift prizes for you.) The only rule we have against forum game threads are that we ask you to try and refrain from over use of the same game. If there are duplicates of the same game thread we will compare activity as well as creation date and decide from there which one to remove.

Threads Specifically Dedicated to a Single Anime/Manga/Drama:
We encourage and allow you to make threads dedicated to a specific anime/manga/drama. If you have a passion for a particular anime then why not go all out for it. Talk about your excitement and enjoy your craving. All we ask is that you use spoilers in these threads as needed. It should be common sense when something, such as character deaths or plot twists, will ruin an anime for someone.

Personal Activity Threads:
We encourage and allow you to make a thread dedicated to your own activities as a craver. Basically, it would be a thread announcing what you do, one that you update and keep track of so people can know what your working on as an artist, what anime you are watching as a fan, what manga you might be reading as an addict, and so on. You can make a thread all about you, we don't mind. Just make sure to keep it up to date. Old Personal Activity Threads that are not kept up with will eventually be removed. This does not mean you can't make a new one if that happens! Enjoy yourself and let others know what you are doing to do so.

Personal Review Threads:
We encourage and allow you to make a thread dedicated to your person reviews of anime/manga/drama etc. If you want to write what you thought of something then by all means do. Though if you have a personal activity thread, I would suggest you post your reviews there instead (though you don't have to). All we ask is that you please do not over-kill an anime/manga/drama that you didn't like. Remember some people may enjoy it. We also ask that you use spoilers where they are due, when reviewing such as character deaths, plot twisters, etc. Use common sense.

These are just some of the thread ideas that come to mind. There are so many more that you can create. Knowing this please keep in mind that the following are not allowed (not in any form, be it posting or thread creation), however.

Anime/Manga/Drama or User Bashing:
You will be banned on the spot for troll threads meant to tear apart members, emotionally. As for Anime/Manga/Drama bashing you will get warned for over-killing anime/manga/drama. We understand everyone has different tastes and you may not like an anime but you also have to understand by knowing others may actually enjoy what you are bashing and it hurts their feelings. Next thing you know war breaks out and we don't want that.

Cruel Criticism:
You will only be warned once if you are overly cruel with your criticism of artwork. There is constructive criticism and then there is going too far. Do not be mean to your fellow club members. Their art may not be perfect but it still took time and effort on their part; and though they may ask for critiquing, that does not mean it has to be hostile.
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