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Posted 11/17/15 , edited 11/17/15
Just a few things to know before you start RPing here in Crimson Time. Unfortunately, there do have to be rules, but don't worry. There aren't that much!


Anything explicit must be put in a spoiler. This includes heavy gore and anything else R-18+.
Characters are allowed to fight. Afterall, the Tarots and Outsiders are at war.
Each character is allowed to have a weapon. This does not include any special abilities.
Anything out of character (OOC) must be hinted if it is in an RP post. For example, using "[ ]" or "( )" at the beginning or end of your post.
No god-modding! If you do not have someone's permission to be in control of their character, do not do it! You are also not allowed to kill another character without permission!
Please be active! Please let us know if there is a reason why you will not be on or if you are going on vacation! School is a reasonable excuse as well!
If you do not follow these rules, you will be warned once. If you continue to not follow the rules, then we will ban you.

Tarots: Followers of the Tarot, Allen.

Outsiders: Followers of the leader.

Rebels: Those who do not agree with either side of the fighting. Can also be an undercover spy.
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