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If you had to pick what village you were from which would it be?
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17 / M / Uchiha Village
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That's not even hard, by far every shinobi would want to live in KONOHA! The Hidden Leaf village not only has more interesting people but also stronger characters, meaning you would be stronger if you lived there.
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I sort of would want to be from Sand or Rain. (or one of the none major ones really)
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Yeah Rain is pretty cool, that would have been my second choice.
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I sadly only own one headband though and its the Leaf's
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Lel I own no Naruto merchandise..... yet.
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Yet is right. Push forward into springtime and buy as much merchandise as you can!

(I'm not even sure what I just typed.....)
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I have a lot of One Piece stuff though, the first 36 manga volumes and figures of the straw hat crew. I drew pictures of Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo to put on my wall and I have a bunch of stuff under Luffy but none under the other two. Hopefully I get some serious money for Christmas so I can fill those spots,
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Sounds cool.
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23 / Pennsylvania
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so many things about the cloud village....
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