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10. Asuna Yuuki- Sword Art Online- 10720 votes.

Pretty girls with swords will prove to be a trend on this ranking list. First up is Asuna from Sword Art Online, a relatively new, extremely popular series. Asuna can cook just as well as she can slice up orcs in SAO! She's truly waifu material, but not the greatest. Sorry Vedan!

9. Mikasa Ackerman- Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)- 10886 votes.

Mikasa is a pretty girl with killer abs that could easily destroy you in a fight. But get on her good side, and you'll be unstoppable. Too bad she only has eyes for main character Eren Yeager.

8. Konata Izumi- Lucky☆Star - 11763 votes.

Konata is a bro-she loves anime, maybe even more than you do! She's the type of girl you'd ask to "Crunchyroll and chill".

7. Saber- Fate/stay night - 12430 votes.

Now this is just cheating.
Who wouldn't want a cute, loyal bodyguard that can annihilate your opponents with ease?
Saber's character design is popular for being modest and practical, but she also dons other clothing throughout the many games and anime series the Fate/stay night franchise has spawned. Here she is dressed in a lion costume for the fighting game Fate/tiger colosseum.

6. Haruhi Suzumiya- Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 13208 votes.

It's really no surprise that Haruhi from Kyoto Animation's hit anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is on this list. While the entire cast of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is great, Haruhi is the glue that really binds-rather, forces-them together. Say what you will about her or the infamous "Endless Eight" arc, but life with Haruhi would never be boring!

5. Hitagi Senjougohara- Bakemonogatari - 13616 votes.

Seriously, who could say no to this face?
Bakemonogatari and its sequels are off-beat, supernatural anime, but at their core is shameless fanservice. Good news for those of you who love this sharp-tongued beauty.

4. Holo- Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) - 13750 votes.

I figured she would be on here, but not this high! Holo is an alcoholic glutton that won't hesitate to spend someone else's money in order to get her favorite booze and yummies. But don't let that stop you from liking her- Holo and the anime Spice and Wolf itself are both highly ranked for a reason.

3. Taiga Aisaka- Toradora! - 14770 votes.

Don't underestimate her because of her tiny stature- Taiga's a firecracker! She's affectionate with her female friends, but won't hesitate to beat any guy up. However, she is a true tsundere, and will instantly melt if you win her affections. She is the ultimate loli, I admit. However Rangers, your waifu lost to a certain senpai of ours....

2. Kurisu Makise- Steins;Gate - 15015 votes.

Pretty and smart, it's easy to see why people like Kurisu. Her boyish name just adds to her charm-as do her squishy looking cheeks! Well Hope, you've triumphed in the waifu wars! You win! Is what I'd like to say. But unfortunately, the ultimate waifu is...

1. Yuno Gasai- Mirai Nikki - 16759 votes!

DAMMIT DAMMIT, DAMN IT! Well here goes... But of course it's Yuno. The defining character of the yandere trope, she's a strong, independent, absolutely insane woman that don't need no man except Yukiteru. One could argue that Yukiteru is actually Yuno's waifu-one that she loves very, very much. While most people would probably turn tail and run far away from her in real life, as an anime character, Yuno is entertaining as heck in Mirai Nikki. The one waifu that nobody can hate... except me! Well, I guess you guys might be on to something, because the rest of the world thinks so too!
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Well, Yuno did it again...
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Act_Of_Grace wrote:

Well, Yuno did it again...

I think i see what you did there...
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