Post Reply Problems with the Xbox 360 app and the Xbox One app??!!
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Posted 11/20/15
Getting very frustrated with the apps on both consoles!
Ever since I got the Xbox One, the app has NEVER worked. It crashes a couple of seconds into opening it so I've never been able to use it which really annoys me.
Now today, the Xbox 360 app is stuck on the authenticating screen...
What am I paying for??

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Posted 11/25/15
What you have to do is uninstall the app, wait a couple of minutes, reinstall it, then once it says "Press the Xbox button in middle" use that to launch the application and it'll work and the only way it'll work unless your q size is below like 50 or something. I don't remember the number. You'll have to do this every time you want to use the application.

CR is really shitty when comes to their apps.

This is for the XBoner.
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Posted 11/25/15 , edited 11/25/15
Yeah I been having the same issue for the last 6 months. its stupide that I got to delete show off my queue just so it can work some what. I got shows on there that I'm hoping will have another 2nd or 3rd season. so why delete and have to web searcher ever so often to see if there been any new episode to my favorite anime shows all because that got a bug problem. I don't see this on the PS4? Please work on this CR because I love watching my anime on my 60inch TV.

P.S Your apps work fine on my phone and tablet. Everyone else if You got a smart phone and TV stream it from your phone to the TV or connect your computer to your TV via HDMI cable and watch it that way. (like I have to do right now) -_-
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