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Posted 11/21/15 , edited 11/21/15
Pandora has bought out RDIO, a free Canadian music streaming service and plans to shut it down soon. This is bad news for me, because I was using RDIO to do my writing.

What I would need from a new service is:
1) a wide range of music for streaming
2) an automatic recommendation for new music based on the things I have listened to
3) Either no subscription fee but it has ads OR less than $10 CDN per month

There was another feature that I particularly like on RDIO where I would play a few songs and then it would start playing similar music it thought I would like. This is especially helpful when I'm writing because it means I don't have to keep going back to play new songs but the general mood of the music stays the same.

I'm looking for recommendations for new web-sites like this. What do you use? What is its best feature? Does it have all the things that I'm looking for?
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Posted 11/21/15 , edited 11/21/15
I prefer Spotify to anything out there currently due to their wide range of music and easibility in finding new similar artists. I'm not sure if it has all the features you're looking for but you may want to give it a try if you haven't already. It's free to use on PC (but charges in a monthly fee on Roku, Apple TV, Home Video Games systems, etc). It's available both in U.S. and Canada too.
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