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First Anime that let you start future
Posted 11/23/15 , edited 11/24/15
Can't really say since I've been watching them for as long as I can remember and there really weren't many other things for me to watch growing up.

It might be Princess Sarah... or Voltes V. I'm not really sure which one I saw first. >_<
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Posted 11/24/15 , edited 11/24/15

Sagenaruto68 wrote:

What was your first anime that let you start the future ones?
If thread like this exist, plz delete.

anikevin wrote:

I'm pretty sure a thread like this one exists. I'm just lazy to go find it.

I wasn't as lazy, and found that even though the search feature hasn't been working so great lately, "first anime" in the Anime forum did up several threads, including this fairly recent one:

Therefore I've closed this thread. Please share there.
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