Marvel's Jessica Jones - Anticipation and Discussion
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Posted 11/24/15 , edited 11/24/15
Noticed that there isn't a forum for Marvel's Jessica Jones (sorry if im wrong about this, still new to the forums), so i thought it would be fun to open up a thread for discussion of the first season, anticipation for the 2nd season and The Defenders team-up. Discuss away!
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Posted 12/5/15 , edited 12/5/15
Man that was good. We just finished it (Could only handle 1 episode a day, too intense to binge for us). Looking forward to the upcoming Luke Cage series
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Posted 12/10/15 , edited 12/10/15
Huh, I didn't know there would be a Luke Cage series. I didn't find his character all that interesting in Jessica Jones, but more Marvel heroes series is always a good thing!

I really enjoyed Jessica Jones. I expected it to be more Daredevil-esque, but the way they did it worked really well. I have never seen David Tennant in anything before, but my goodness, he was incredibly creepy! I can understand what all the Dr. Who fuss was about.
I really loved the camera angles they used, they make the audience feel like they (or someone else) are spying on Jessica. Worked really well in making me paranoid at times.

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Posted 12/13/15 , edited 12/14/15
I thought the show was too drawn-out. Not enough plot to sustain 13 episodes.
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Posted 12/25/16 , edited 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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