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Post Reply Which of these would like to see in video games?
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Posted 11/24/15
Which of these would like to see in a video game?
A (non-custom) main human character with body freckles (on arms, and shoulders, etc, not just the face)
A AAA game with a vegan main character
A WWII game that doesn't involve Nazis
An African National main character
An illiterate main character
Posted 11/24/15 , edited 11/24/15
WWII game that doesn't involve Nazis

It doesn't matter if it has Nazis or not, I think it'll still be fun to play a war game
Posted 11/24/15
A survival horror game of The Last King of Scotland. (It's about an african dictator.) Sign me up.
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Posted 11/27/15
how would they write in an illiterate main character?
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Posted 11/27/15
None of the above.

The african national would be fine tough, seems like the only person in the bunch who could be a normal smart nice guy or girl...
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Posted 11/27/15
They did have a WWII game that wasn't centred around Nazi's It was called Medal of Honor: Rising Sun..Imperial Japan for the win.

That being said a Vegan main character might be interesting...vegetables are hard to come in survival horror games.
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Posted 11/28/15
The first two seem like tiny details not really worth caring about enough to want them, plus most AAA games involve loads of violence and "carefully keeps murder and mistreatment out of his diet, but doesn't mind it in his day job" seems hypocritical enough to be a villain-only trait.

Not having Nazis in a WWII game basically just means having Fascist Italy or Imperial Japan instead, OR kind of denying history by keeping the Nazi part uninvolved with the Wehrmacht. Fascist Italy are less overdone but more intrinsically boring, and often fought with German support, and Imperial Japan has been done once or twice anyway. Or maybe you focus on the home front, like a management sim for the Manhattan Project? But that seems a separate point to "without Nazis", so I'll stick to my mental picture of a generic WWII shooter where the goose-stepping fascists you're butchering have different accents and uniforms.

Illiteracy is a minor status effect, unless you built the game around "play as an illiterate guy!" as a core concept (boring as core concepts go), it would be a minor detail where a third of the way in you learn "oh, my character can't read? huh" and carry on.

African National MC is then, by process of elimination, the most interesting option on the list. That opens a whole bunch of places and situations games haven't explored. Plus if the developers are white westerners, it'll be hilarious to watch them try to navigate the minefield of "is this racist?"
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