The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo
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Posted 11/25/15 , edited 11/25/15
Anybody else heard of this? I was watching Vinesauce and found a video where he played it. Momentarily, I thought nothing of it. It was a mediocre choice-based visual novel with a good build-up and atmosphere, but a poorly-executed pay-off that ruined the tension it had so carefully built up. However, a quick look into the comments section revealed that the game's plot was apparently symbolic. Of what, you may ask?

Why, the evils of vidya gaems of course!

Feel free to browse through that at your leisure. I especially recommend the "On Games Being Over" section -- where gamers enjoying their hobby are compared to suicide bombers seeking to take the lives of other living, breathing, human beings.

Vinesauce also did a video on it if you're interested. It is a tad bit long though: twenty eight minutes and two seconds long, to be exact.

Anybody else come across this before? I'd be interested in your thoughts on this garbage.
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Posted 11/25/15
Did your uncle who works for Nintendo discuss the official release date of Cloud in Smash4 yet?
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Posted 11/26/15
My uncle works for video games and I can get you banned if I want.
Posted 11/26/15
My uncle plays video games and he's pretty good for his age.
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