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Posted 11/30/15
Okay so I've been reading a lot of manga an hour or two before I go to sleep so I can get a little bit of relaxation in and it appears everything I've been interested in would be a story where the individual gets sucked into a new "world" be it alternate or within the society they thought was normal (when infact they found some secrets going on).

[url=]The Gamer
Author: Sung San-Young
Artist: Sang-Ah

Any of you know of similar titles?

other than The Gamer, I've read:
all of "The Breaker" and its followups. It was pretty good too. I have read a lot of other Manga as well but I figured I mention these two since it plays on what I mentioned in the first paragraph.

Please help me~.

Maybe the name and why you think its good could help me figure out my next long Manga to read...?
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Posted 1/24/17
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