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Posted 12/2/15
Tripping and falling, then suddenly getting back up.
Posted 12/2/15

Saitama's punch is so powerful it stops raining.
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Posted 12/2/15
Non-super people getting punched or hit so hard that when they make an impact on a stone/brick wall, sidewalk, street, etc, it makes an hole or deep indentation, and then, not only are they still conscious, but they get up, shake it off and can continue on without even any broken bones. Any incidental bleeding stops almost immediately.
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Posted 12/2/15 , edited 12/2/15
Anime Logic 101: Introduction to Anime Logic

1. Unless you're a villain any dire situation will inevitably turn in your favour if your friends believe that you will win hard enough.

2. Should a hero temporarily turn to villainy he/she shall not be held accountable for his/her actions during that time.

3. Magical girls don't have enemies, just people who haven't become their friends yet.

4. There is at least one child prodigy attending every secondary school and university in the world.

5. Untrained minors are more capable of handling gargantuan monsters able to level skyscrapers in an instant than a professional army.

6. Sending unattended children to capture and train wild animals to fight to exhaustion can be the fundamental basis of entire economies.

7. The most logical and effective form for heavy combat vehicles is clearly a humanoid shape.

8. No matter the setting, even in deep space, there will be a point where everyone visits either a pool or hot spring.

9. School uniforms featuring miniskirts in their designs will not raise parents' eyebrows.

10. The proper way to consume alcohol is to chug it, slam your glass/can on the table, and declare satisfaction as loudly as possible.

Anime Logic 102: Logic in Ecchi Anime

1. Incest is the best. Put your family to the test.

2. Adolescent boys fear nothing more than naked women and girls, and will panic at the sight of them.

3. If you tie a handkerchief under your nose and wrap the rest over the top of your head it will be impossible to recognise you.

4. Breasts contain powerful magnets that will draw any main protagonist's hands to them without fail.

5. Restraining orders do not exist, nor do laws prohibiting sexual harassment.

6. There is nothing women and girls find more alluring than self-loathing, asocial, scatterbrained men so long as they're nice.

7. There is nothing men and boys find more alluring than gluttonous, scatterbrained, dependent women so long as they're stacked.

8. The more cruelly you are treated by a prospective girlfriend the more you may be certain she is secretly already in love with you.

9. It is inevitable that at some point you will see every woman you ever meet in the nude.

10. Women's clothing is almost invariably made to have the durability of a soap bubble.
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Posted 12/2/15
Long hair means power.
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Posted 12/2/15 , edited 12/2/15
the cuter it is, the more of a threat it becomes

your best friend may have beat the shit out of you at one time (or you may have beat the shit out of him/her)

Women in hentai are just unlucky.

There's at least one guy that you will assume isn't a guy and you will want to f--k him in your mind.

Age never progresses and neither does clothes

Transportation is easy.
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Posted 12/2/15
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