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Emotional attachment to electronics
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Posted 10/22/16 , edited 10/22/16

LtAgn02 wrote:

Okay, so last week at Thanksgiving my laptop started freezing and stuff. I took it into the repair shop, they said that because said laptop is five years old, I might as well buy a new one. I couldn't stomach the thought of replacing my very first laptop, so I asked what kind of stuff would I do to fix it myself.

you were being led by the nose by the repair shop

i also have a 5 yr old laptop with similar problem

you created boot discs when you first turned on the system from way back ? if not back up your system first before doing this

instead of buying a new laptop.. get a new hard disk drive (HDD) $50 would be fine

all the "freezing and stuff" is due to your old HDD..

it's the most common problem with pc/laptops

HDD has a life cycle.. and depend on use it can start to fail (just normal wear and tear)

if you know how to change the HDD on your PS3/PS4. .you probably can replace the HDD on your laptop.. it's not that hard

you are living in the disposable electronics era.. to keep cost down and reduce waste.. i'll try to replace the minor parts instead of buying new one..

i'm not attached to any electronics.. just use them because they are needed for work..
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