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Posted 12/3/15 , edited 4/5/16
Currently, comments on the videos are organized by most-liked and recent-first, but reply-comments have no options. As it is, reply-comments are organized by newest-first to oldest-last, but the "reply" comment box for you to enter your comment is at the bottom. I find this order somewhat annoying because:
1) I have to read everything in reverse order, which feels unnatural since you're always reading top-to-bottom in each comment but bottom-to-top to read the comments in order of appearance.
2) I have to scroll down the list twice: The first time just to start reading and the second time to make a comment.
These are primarily true only for chains of comments, but those can be rather long.

I do recall CR had the order originally as newest-last, but that got changed at some point. I've lived with it, but it's one of those itches that doesn't go away. Anyone else feel the same?

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Posted 1/2/17
I have this problem too. Is there a way to fix it?
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Posted 8/12/17
I have this problem too, but I've always just assumed that it was just some weird design flaw. However, when referencing previous comments, people use ^ carrots like they're pointing to the comment above them, so I have to assume that it wasn't always like this.
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Posted 8/13/17
Oh, is that how it works? I actually thought they were in random order.

Has there been any word on fixing Top Comments? Reading the comments was much more fun when it worked.
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