Post Reply Kakashi-sensei's training corner: Part 1
Posted 12/4/15 , edited 12/4/15
Hello everyone, this is something I think would be cool to try. Okay, so I'm gonna act like Kakashi in 5...4...3...2...1....................................................Kakashi? KAKASHI? Sorry I'm late guys, Obito was trying to take over the world again. Anyways welcome to the first step of your training: Picking your village. There is already a forum thread about this so you shouldn't have to much trouble. Next, pick your clan. It can be Uzumaki, Uchiha, Hyuuga, Nara, Yanamaka, I don't care. Just pick one. Lastly, pick your chakra nature. You know the five: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Water, and Earth. Don't chose a kekkai gentai, that will be in later training if you want one.

Your completed product should look something like this:

Name: Jason Uchiha

Village: Hidden Leaf

Chakra Nature: Fire

That's it for today genin, I have to go do my duties as the sixth hokage. But I'll be back!
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17 / M / Uchiha Village
Posted 12/5/15 , edited 12/5/15
Name: Ace Uchiha
Village: Rain Village
Chakra Nature: Lightning
Posted 12/6/15 , edited 12/7/15
Name: Aki
Village: Sand Village
Chakra Nature: Wind
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23 / Pennsylvania
Posted 12/18/15 , edited 12/18/15
Name: Yaiba Kokuei
Village: Cloud Village
Chakra Nature: Earth
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27 / M / Texas
Posted 12/21/15 , edited 12/21/15
Name: Kenichi Uzumaki
Village: Leaf Village
Chakra Nature: Water
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