One Piece episode 405 (Spoilers)
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Posted 12/4/15
Before I start I have reached the first few episodes of Impel Down but have yet to reach Level 2 so anything beyong say, episode 420 or so please don't spoilt for me.

So the other day I was watching One Piece and after escaping Thriller Bark the show has gotten progressively darker and darker what with Slavery a highlight of the Sabaody Archipelago and those disgusting Tenryuubito pretty much shooting poor Haachin on sight >:(

I thought that was about as dark and depressing as One Piece would go for the time being when Silver Rayleigh saved them and freed Camie but then episode 405 happened and the sheer emotional factor upped to 10!

The whole crew being utterly devastated by Kuma (who didn't kill them, don't know why so don't say) only to save Luffy for last who was utterly and completely destroyed by his Crew being taken from him. The animation has he beat his head on the ground and the acting as he cried was utterly devastating to watch and is a testament to the talent Mayumi Tanaka has.

I just wanted to share the feels, I;m sure plenty more people agree that that scene was very powerful to see the happiest Pirate in the world be reduced to a sobbing mess...
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