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Posted 12/6/15
Hi ! So I'm new to CR and my questions might be stupid but I was wondering (still trying to understand how that website works) :

1) why am I not able to find some anime/manga with the Research function (top right corner), but am able to access the pages with a google research. It happened a couple of time but specifically with the manga Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) which I cannot find with the research bar and the alphabetic order, but can access through google. Note : I'm from Canada (CR is supposed to have licensed Kuragehime in Canada)

2) How can I put a mark on the manga I want to keep track of and get a notification when updated ?

3) Why my watched anime are still on queue ? Does it mean I have to remove them manually ?

4) Is there a maximum of anime that can be on queue ?

5) Actually... what's the purpose of the queue ? Because when I watch an anime on the queue, the next one doesn't come up automatically. Is the queue the only way to tag a show as "watching" ?

6) Any anime with Japanese subtitles out there ? (that would be awesome) Or raw manga ?

7) Why even though I am a premium member I have adds while reading manga and in the background ?

Thank you for taking time to answer my questions
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Posted 12/6/15 , edited 12/6/15
1) Good one, maybe search is broken, but that doesn't explain why it doesn't show up in Alphabetical... I found it displayed via this page though: /comics/manga/updated You might want to put in a ticket here: /contact

2) Can't mark on the website, lots of people have asked, but you can bookmark using android app (and presumably IOS). There aren't any official notifications, but there is an unofficial site, including an RSS feed here; so if you get an RSS reader that does notifications, you can use that feed. It does everything, though, not just the ones you want...

3-5) The queue keeps track of "where you are" in a series, so think of it as a series watch list.

If you are at the last episode, it stays there until it gets replaced by a black box indicating that they have started setting up the next episode. If you are completely done with an entire series and don't want it in there anymore, then yes, you have to remove it manually.

To have the next episode come up, you may need to let it play to the end, or perhaps you don't have autoplay on?

Some people like to keep everything in there, but personally I find that too cluttered. I only keep what I am currently watching in there.

Don't know if there is a limit, but having too many seems to negatively affect Xbox. Better to keep track of everything watched, want to watch, etc via sites like,,,

6) No... the word from one of the staff in another forum somewhere has been that CR is an "entertainment" supplier, not a language learning service.

7) Background ads are to be expected, only in-flight (and interstitial forum ads) ads are eliminated with premium. But you shouldn't see ads play when watching or reading manga. You should definitely submit a ticket for that at the link above.
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