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How Much Pleasure Should A Man Show?
Posted 12/8/15
I prefer the honest ones. Nothing piss me off more than doing everything I can to make you feel good, yet you show no reaction at all.
That make me think you are incredibly shy.
There nothing wrong with being shy, that turn me on but unless I know you are being shy. Make me think you have high BS pleasures standards. Or worst case scenario I am bad.
Ether way I going to make you scream one way or another. I can't take a lack of reaction. Make me feel like trash I need to know what I doing, make you feel good.
Same with girls

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Posted 12/8/15

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

Some say that moaning is feminine, but I haven't quite mastered the art of grunting. Some say the man must be stoic, like Golgo 13. Some say he must have an aheagao face. What do you think? Is moaning feminine? What's the difference between moaning and grunting? Do you believe men should be stoic in the face of pleasure and pain, a stalwart among stalwarts?

Edit: Not only about sexual pleasure, but you can start off with that. It's a biggie.

If you want to start a more general topic about what things are considered masculine and what feminine and how folks feel about those categories please do so, but I'm closing this thread since it so clearly starts off with a premise about specific behavior during sex--which takes it into territory not all that appropriate for CR's forums.
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