Fallout Settlement You Are Most Proud Of
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Posted 12/8/15 , edited 12/8/15
I don't have the luxury of playing fallout 4 yet but what I'm most excited about is building my own settlement. Post pics of the settlements you are most proud of or if you can't post pics explain your settlement in detail . I think it would be interesting to see the many different varieties of settlements people have built.
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Posted 12/8/15 , edited 12/9/15
The settlement building is actually a hassle, it takes far to much work to line everything up perfectly. And even then it isn't prefect. Also the inability to totally clean all the clutter really messes with my OCD for having everything neat and tidy. Also even the best settlements still end up looking like the slums outside of Rio De Janeiro. Also the height limit of seven stories is annoying. I wanted to build an arcology and that is impossible with the way settlements are set up. Also settlers for some reason can't figure out the beds are on the second story.
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