Censorship through conformity : why is it trending?
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Normal. What the **** is it? In the context of formal academia, please. I know from what I've read elsewhere, but I want to hear it from you . Can you be serious about this? If not, please read the red. Also, Why is smothering with cynicism conformity so hot. I mean, a lack thereof doesn't simply mean one is antisocial., but to some of these self-professed liberals, it seems to be the conservative glue that holds this ship intact. have like zero respect for the s

*briefly dons sensitive hat for a fuck or two*As you may know, there is a thread on conspiracies, and one on censorship (of a shit site, not cr.) Anyway. Who in the wild green fuck of Tanzania cares about those things? Do you care that society is obviously paranoid out the ass when you can't fix it ? I mean, do you just have a masochistic need to feel helpless? I mean, no matter how much you complain and bitch about how stupid and crazy superstitious shit is.. *throws hands up* Stupid assholes, what CAN you do? Go back to school! And censorship? After THAT shit? The same people here, feeding hypocritical dung, and you flies eat that shit up!

The Anime News Network is just a news feed, its entirely reasonable to can some of the *ahem* SJW propagande in overabundance elsewhere. Anyways who the fuck cares, its the Anime News Network, not CNN or the Huffington Post, why treat it as such?!.

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Posted 12/8/15
I just had this conversation we are not starting this shit again.
Posted 12/8/15

megahobbit wrote:

I just had this conversation we are not starting this shit again.

No? Really? Well. I'm glad you told me what I can't talk about. Haha.
Posted 12/8/15
I don't even bother reading people's opinions most the time.
People are crazzzzzzy.
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Posted 12/9/15
Closed by OP's request.

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