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Have you ever watched a show.....
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Posted 12/10/15 , edited 12/10/15

Frandoll wrote:

And Welcome to NHK sucks.

Welcome to the NHK was historically the first time we heard the term "NEET" defined, but we didn't realize it was the opening cannon-shot in Japan's "Otaku Crystallnacht", where the mainstream suddenly decided that anyone who watched anime was a hopelessly pathetic Hikkikomori, who lived a horny self-delusional world, spun a hundred pathetic self-rationalizations for never stepping out of his apartment, and deserved every bit of social bullying he got for being a work-shunning "kidult".

We thought it was "cool and mindbending" back then, now it's like watching Leni Reifenstahl.
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Posted 12/10/15
Umaru from Himouto Umaru chan
-Lazy ass right when i step home
-Sometimes having the urge to do something nice for the people close to me
-No manners when it comes to junk food
-Concealing the fact that i'm a lazy jerk to certain people
-Outside i feel like a different person (not like her personality, but different)
-Chillin at home during half of my summer break
-And my weird set of friends.

Posted 12/11/15
I remember feeling as if I related to Naruto. I admired his unshaken belief in his destiny.
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102 / M / Boulevard of Brok...
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
Of course. That show is called "life."
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Posted 12/11/15

PrinceJudar wrote:
Ookami Ryouko is also relatable for me. Ryoushi reminds me of my boyfriend, a total bad ass underneath it all.

I really liked that anime.

Ringo Akai and her foul mouthed rant made me LOL
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