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Haikyu!! has been one of the more popular sports anime lately, and it is a result of what separates it from others of its genre: it focuses more on the characters and their relationships than the sport. While the characters have their enemies, they also have friends on other teams, and their desire to improve their skills trumps any antagonistic feelings. As such, rival teams train together, resulting in unexpected relationships between characters on opposing teams. This focus on the characters developing their skills also creates rifts within the main team by forcing a change in playing style, resulting in conflicts that twist the team’s dynamic. This new dynamic is emphasized by the addition of a new character, another female manager, who brings out sides to the characters that would otherwise not be seen in such a male-dominated series.

Haikyu!! focuses so much on the characters that those looking for matches might be disappointed; the bulk of the season thus far has concentrated on training. However, when matches finally do happen, they will be meaningful because we’ll have come to care about the characters on both sides of the court. This season has also seen an onslaught of new characters without enough time to develop all of them, but considering how character-centric the series is, it’s only a matter of time. For those looking not just for volleyball matches, but a series that will make you care about every member of every team, don’t miss out on Haikyu!!.


Haikyu!! was my favorite sports series from last year and I was over the moon when I found out that a sequel season was coming this year. Needless to say, the new season of Haikyu!! is living up to the hype I had for it. It easily could have rested on its laurels and just given us more of the same from the first season. Instead the show, like the players for Karasuno, strives to improve itself, to phenomenal results. The players want to get better, and to help with this, their old rivals at Nekoma invite them to two training camps where they get to compete against and train with some of the best schools in the area. It is through this training camp that we see that even the talented players don't stagnate, as they always look to up their game as well, and have no qualms about dishing out advice to the still improving crows.

This new season sees the already large cast of characters grow exponentially as they not only introduce several new teams, but new people join the volleyball club at Karasuno as well. One surprising thing of note is that a rather large amount of the newly introduced characters are women. Whereas the first season only really had the team manager Kiyoko and the ladies on Karasuno's girls' volleyball team, the new season adds another manager in the form of Hitoka, as well as Hitoka's mother, Tanaka's older sister, and all the managers for the teams in the training camps.

While no official games have happened yet, the second season has already made great strides to improve on the formula the series is known for and with a new stock of characters to love, by the time the real games begin, Haikyu!! could be on the verge of being something legendary.
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