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how much of an stereotypical otaku are you? :D
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Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
I don't know, I might qualify;

- I own around about 50 anime series on Blu-ray or DVD.

- I own a about as many volumes of manga, mostly completed series.

- I have roughly a terabyte of anime, games, and anime/game music and pictures.

- I (will soon) have a hug-pillow, and collect art books.

- I am learning Japanese, albeit slowly, lack of time mostly.

- I am not overweight, always skinny, and a glutton.

- I am not a virgin, but also haven't had sex or wanted to in about a decade.

- I do not cosplay.

- I live with my parents, but still pay rent to them so it's just about convenience.

- I've never been to a con, can't handle crowds.

- I have a surprisingly large number of friends and am quite sociable, but (ironically) hate socializing.

- Everything I do is focused around my hobbies; anime, videogames, etc.

- I am good with computers (network admin, and maintenance guy).

Yeah, on reflection I probably would qualify as an otaku...
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24 / M / Beyond The Wall
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
-Anime themed computer wallpaper
-A few Katanas around my house
-90% of the playlist is J-Rock
-Debating on getting a transmutation circle as a tattoo
-In great shape(Muay Thai)
-Not a virgin
-Have a job
-Not a full on autist
-Live by myself
-Own 0 anime related items
-Never considered buying any sort of figurines
I guess im pretty low on the Otaku scale?

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18 / M
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
You could not tell if you looked at my room, but I view my room as nothing other than a place to sleep, don't put much on the walls or anything, but if you talk to me and anime/gaming comes up, it's obvious as hell, I'll also use Japanese phrases now and then, so a minor otaku, not looking at all my waifu............
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25 / M / The Boar Hat
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
Uh... I own literally no anime merchandise, never been to a convention, etc.

I do currently live with family, but only until the paperwork for my desired job finally finishes and I can move and settle down elsewhere.

I am a gamer so there's that...

I'm more fit than the average person, as well as clean-shaven...

I'm not a virgin either...

I would like to learn Japanese, but it's just one of the 6 or so languages I'd like to learn eventually...

I also like listening to Japanese music, but that's mostly because the style of music I listen to is similar to the music I enjoy from western cultures, but with harder lyrics to memorize and there's stuff I actually haven't heard before...

On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being extreme stereotypical otaku, I'd put myself at about a 2 xD
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30 / M / B.C, Canada
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
Geez you lot make me feel like such a slacker, no hug pillows here. Though I do speak fluent Japanese and having a good grasp of kana and I am working on my's going slowly because most of my studying time is spent doing things for my upcoming promotion to Sergeant..Though at least I beat you lot there..managing to keep an interest in anime despite a military career. If it weren't for my aforementioned list I'd totally fail.
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Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
- I own 0 anime merchandise. Might have some old DVDs in storage but they've probably been yard-saled by now.

- I binge on anime periodically. Normally I have a few series I am following and watch older stuff when my schedule allows. I don't game much. Sometimes though.

- I'm in good shape

- I try to eat healthy but often fail.

- What is sported? Is it cosplay? I've never done that.

- Live alone/support myself.

- Not in school.

- Don't care about Japan at all. Their culture is strange and their language is not practical/valuable to learn. I would like to go there some day, but I want to go everywhere. Japan is not near the top of the list.

-I'm OK with computers, but I'm probably outdated.

-Not particularly perverted.

-Never cosplayed.

-Not a virgin.

So by these standards... not an Otaku at all.
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/12/15
Majorly disqualified by my work schedule. I am overweight, though, and I do live with my parents; however, they're the ones in the basement. My mother grew up on a rural farm, which influences her being cool with it. Actually, she encourages it, to some degree. No one is allowed to mooch. My extra pounds belie my fitness. Certainly a pervert, too, regardless of the existance of anime/manga. Roughly 2/3 of the novels I read are smutty. Yeah, I'm virginal. I grew up watching my big sis being used for sex by most of her boyfriends, and I place far more importance on other things. I won't really be interested in even dating until my thirties. I own less than twenty anime merchandise.
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
I watch anime, sometimes.
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17 / M
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
I don't really fit the stereotype at all. I am a programmer though.
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30 / M
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15
Don't fit it at all
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28 / M
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/11/15

eragon2890 wrote:

dchompy wrote:

eragon2890 wrote:

over 220 GB of cosplay porn on the harddrive

This guy has his priorities straight

Mah, the vast majority of the hdd is filled with video games in my steam library XD

I have 3.8 TB of storage in total, all filled to the brim with 200 gb vocaloid music, 2 tb games, 230 gb porn, a few hundred gigs of anime, and more (also tons of university stuff but that is all small... at most a gb in total XD)

Holy dear fuck.
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F / United Kingdom
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/12/15
I love anime and manga, own a hell of a lot of merchandise, still live with my parents and I watch cosplay porn. But I never got into gaming.
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22 / M / Texas
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/12/15
-I love anime and manga
-Have about a dozen anime dvd's and blu-rays, mostly movies
-2 dozen volumes of manga
-Like to keep to myself
-Attending college at the moment
-In pretty good shape, and very outdoorsy

So I guess I'm pretty mid-tier
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102 / F
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/12/15
Between work and home life I watch anime...a lot of anime.

I have seen less that a weeks worth of television this year, the rest has been anime.

I subscribe to CR, Netflix, Funimation, and Hulu just for the anime.

Have swords and shuriken.

One manga book at home (other Manga has been through CR)

2 anime shirts (not many I know, but my collection will soon grow)

3 lingerie kimono's

Can socialize well, but also love my "me time"

Wish I could jump and the screen and have my way with some of these male anime characters, lol.

Love anime conventions (go to comic ones for sis though).

My life is way more than just anime, but anime is definitely part of my life!!!

Don't know what you would call all of that, but that is the right now me :)
(Feels like I am still missing stuff...oh well )
Posted 12/11/15 , edited 12/12/15

That made me reconsider my life.

#stereotypicalotaku #toomuchpornforoneguy #foreveralone #manlytears
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