Re-release of Sailor Moon films and specials/OVAs?
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Posted 12/12/15 , edited 12/12/15
Figured I'd pose this question to the group:

When VIZ announced they were re-licensing Sailor Moon and premiering a brand new dub, they also mentioned they'd be re-releasing the films. Has anyone heard news on this front? Or a timeline, even?

To my knowledge, Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi and the other SuperS specials were never remastered and released on DVD (not even in Japan, I think). So I'm wondering if they plan on releasing the OVAs as well...
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Posted 12/13/15 , edited 12/13/15
They will likely announce something after StarS wraps up. Their current deal with Toei includes the movies and specials.And you are right, we got cheated out of the specials during the 1995-2001 run.
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Posted 1/26/17
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