Post Reply Is Kogoro Mouri secretly the boss of the Black Organization in Detective Conan?
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Posted 12/13/15
I have come to believe that Kogoro Mouri is secretly the boss of The Black Organization. Now, I have this backed up by some proof, but there are a few wholes in my theory I need help fixing.

First, members in the organization are named after alcoholic beverages. Kogoro happens to be an alcoholic. I think this is the biggest point to my case.

Second, Aoyama has hinted that we have met the boss already. Detective Conan originally was meant to last 3 months, meaning the boss must have been introduced then. Kogoro was introduced in chapter 2.

Finally, evidence shows that Vermouth is The Boss' favorite agent. This could be that they have some kind of relationship with each other, or the boss finds her attractive. Kogoro has a weakness to beautiful women.

Furthermore, on top of all this evidence, there is some holes in my theory. On episode 425, Gin targets Kogoro after believing he hugged him. This could mean that even he doesn't know who the boss is, or simply disprove my theory. Another thing I am wondering is if Kogoro is the boss if Kogoro became the boss after leaving the police agency.

I'm only on episode 427, so their might be tons more that proves my theory wrong or right. I would like for everyone to comment and tell me what they think, or contribute to my theory.
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Posted 12/13/15
I doubt it, for the simple reason that it would break the story. He has been firmly established as a hero. Not a very good one. But a hero none-the-less. I'd honestly find it easier to believe if Genta was the boss of the Black Organization over Kogoro.

You know what would be a great twist. If it was Kaito's father and he created the organization as a front to battle the other evil people from Magic Kaito. Now that would be entertaining lol. He is the one person who has strong ties to just about all the main characters who at the same time never appears outside of flashbacks.
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Posted 12/13/15
Hmm, I read in an article long ago that Aoyama stated we have not seen the boss is or know who he is.
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