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Posted 12/14/15
My Chromecast was working flawlessly for a week straight up until today. I've done everything from factory resetting it, rebooting it, unplugging it, hell I'm able to re-set it up just fine from my phone. I get flawless connectivity from my modem (they're literally only like 5 feet away from each other), but I've tried so many troubleshooting tips, research to hell and back, but I cannot find the answer to why it's not functioning properly today. I cast from a Windows 7 PC and it is always able to detect my device in my extension. This morning, I spent at least 3-4 hours trying to figure out why I kept getting an "unable to cast to device" error, telling me to either try casting again or check my network connectivity (which I have, all of my other devices work perfectly on my wifi). So, I said "screw it" and went to stream some games. Now that I've come back after 6-7 hours, it's able to cast finally....but for maybe 10-20 seconds, then it hangs for the rest of the cast (like an endless buffer and brings me back to the "ready to cast' screen on my tv). This goes for all websites that support chromecast by the way, but I've given up. I made a thread on the official chromecast forums, but I haven't gotten a single reply. I'm hoping someone here who also has a Chromecast can maybe help me in some way? I will note that casting the tabs themselves works flawlessly. I can cast any tab on the chrome browser w/ no issues, but once I want to use the "official" cast button for the websites that do support it, it won't cooperate properly :/
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