Favorite Scene in an anime, book, movie, or manga.
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Title. Mine.

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Literally every scene in Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone movie. I don't care much for the storyline, but whoever directed/storyboarded this movie is amazing at making the vision/book comes to life.

My favorite scene has to be this one, where Harry was looking out the window from his Dormitory; there's a sense of belonging, yet at the same time a sense of forlornness, but then he smiled as the camera panned to the outside of the school which signified a glimpse of hope or new beginnings.

99% of people won't have any idea what I'm talking about, they'll be like, "WTF is this guy smoking". That's how the scenes in this movie made me feel and that's that.

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im not sure if you are counting television, but this speech from Doctor who recently made a profound impact on my heart.
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