Yaoi/Shonen Ai that is not typical Manga.
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I have already watched all available anime yaoi and shonen ai so don't even suggest an anime. Even things that aren't labeled, I am pretty good about watching even if they are the slightest bit slashable so if there is a kiss, I probably most definitely watched it, even if it is not labeled shonen ai.

I am not as well versed in manga though. So this is where I need help
I have already read:

Gravitation- This was my first. I read it again recently. I really enjoy the first two volumes, but really dislike how Shuichi changes his personality after getting with Eiri Yuki. I like Hiro, his best friend a whole lot and enjoyed the het romance on the side he had. I have a lot of nostalgia for this series though. So it will be forever in my heart. I disliked how the artstyle changed a lot. The soundtrack they put out for the anime was fantastic. I still listen to this day.

Junjou Romantica-
Very stereo typical. I don't like the main pairing much. I like terrorist a bit because of the backstory that Miyagi has. I think the tragic stuff is good. definitely like that he has previous romance going on. But really don't like the jumping around this manga does. Kinda wish this was 3 separate manga so I could just enjoy my one pairing.

Loveless- I didn't get far into this one because I do buy manga. I personally don't like that he is so underage. It is really not what I want to read. I am kinda 25 years old. When I first watched the anime at 16 it was a little more acceptable to look at that but... now, not so much.

Love Stage- I know it may seem hypocritcal to like rapey things in one manga and not like them in another but, yeah that kinda happened in this one. I found myself rooting against the pairing the entire time. I really didn't like the other guy. I really liked Izumi a lot and didn't want anything bad to happen to him. I really saw a lot of myself in him. I got super attached and as a result, there were certain people I just didn't want him dating. I found forcing him to do stuff he did not want to do to be rather disgusting too. Bribing him all the time. I ended up watching the anime to this one because my husband is a fan, but really just... felt so bad that the main character's boundaries were just violated just every step of the way.

The Finder Series- Just no. Horrible. I have one volume of this and it made me want to vomit. It is really truly sadistic stuff.

Under Grand Hotel- This is the best one. Even though there is rape in this, I really enjoyed this. It had a very good story. Very amazing art. I loved that there was a black guy in this. I enjoyed the tragic ending. OMG it was just so amazing how beautiful this all was. Truly felt great. I rooted for the main pairing so much.

Neon Genesis Evangelion- Not a shonen ai series but there is a boy x boy kiss and a bit of a "romance" going on and did have some psycho analysis going on, and I very much enjoyed this. Favorite manga series of all time.

Madness- Though incomplete and probably will never be complete I loved this. I loved the art style and the action going on. I loved the depictions of bisexuality. I loved the general badassery going on.

And kinda the outliar because it was a joke gift from a friend "Man's Best Friend"- It made me laugh so much. It was pretty ridiculous. It was a bunch of one shots about pets turning into men and you can probably guess the rest. Quite interesting.
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I can't believe no one has replied, what a disappointment. I appreciate your brief reviews.
I plan on buying like 10 different yaoi manga in the near future, though it'll only be the first volume of each so I can decide. It'll be in Japanese though, so if it's too difficult for my level I won't really be able to review.

Anyway the only one I'm going to buy on your list is Junjou. You haven't read Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi? I guess you wouldn't if you didn't like Junjou.

I haven't read any yet - actually that's not true, I did read some of sekai ichi in English but then stopped because I realized that was kinda against my goal (a motivation marker, I suppose you could say, in my Japanese studies, so I have something to keep reaching for besides testing / JLPT).

I did read one other one that I really loved what I read of, but it was incomplete (I think ongoing) and now I've FORGOTTEN the friggin name! I'm the worst. I want to find it so badly. I'll probably keep looking. It seems to be a mostly romance type, though it didn't seem as stereotypical as Junjou, it did have the whole forcing element, if I remember correctly. Either way if I find the name, I'll let you know and you can read the first chapter online and see if you like it.

I know this isn't helpful, but mostly I'm just marking this thread so I can find it later to reply. Also on the off chance there are any other replies.
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