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Post Reply Do you consider yourself spoiled?
Posted 12/22/15
Definitely. I don't blame anyone for it though. But when I look at parents who treat their kids like a vase, I think to myself, "Your love is actually cruelty to the child, he will grow up to have less tolerance for hardship and/or less mental toughness".

I believe in the saying, you have to be cruel to be kind, that doesn't mean hitting, but you have to not let your child do whatever it wants, set rules, discipline, etc.

I had worked with patients whose mother is way overprotective, I couldn't even examine the child without the mother freaking out at my every movement. I told her the examination is harmless, but she was frantic. I later found out it took her 8 years of IVF to conceive that child. That made me more understanding, but I still think in the long run, that child will grow up to have a lot of issues like not getting what he wants can depress him clinically.
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Posted 12/22/15
To a certain degree. I think everyone feels some sense of entitlement.
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