Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge
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Posted 12/17/15 , edited 12/17/15
Hey all - I recently started a Nuzlocke challenge on Pokemon Gold (original for GBC). Wondering if anyone else has done that before with any of the Pokemon games? If so, how did it go?

Let's talk about our triumphs and our failures.

For those who don't know, a Nuzlocke run is one in which you are playing the game with self-imposed rules, specifically the following two:
1. You can ONLY catch the first Pokemon you meet on each route.
2. When your Pokemon faints, you have to release them. If you run out of Pokemon, you lose - GAME OVER.

That's it. I also added in a rule for myself where I have to name every Pokemon I catch.

So far, here's what's happened for me:
I started with Totodile named Wani and when I finally received Pokeballs, I caught the first guy I found on Route 29 - a level 3 Sentret. What happened next? He fainted against another level 3 Sentret. Each round he tackled first, it was an even match - each of them swinging at each other with mine going first. Until round 3. The enemy Sentret swung first, causing my Sentret Jackalope to faint. Had to let him go...

I now caught a level 2 Pidgey who I named Bert, named after the Sesame Street character of the same name who's obsessed with pigeons. We'll see how it goes...

What about you? Have you done a Nuzlocke run? What game did you do it on? Did you succeed or have an epic failure? Let's talk about it!
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