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Posted 12/17/15 , edited 12/17/15
Introduce yourself here. who are you, who's your favorite character, that kinda thing. ill start!!

my name's annie, I'm 18, and I fucking LOVE the phantom troupe
i currently reside in burlington vt
i watch various anime, rick and morty, its always sunny, wet hot american summer, americas next top model, steven universe, and other shows/movies
i listen to lots of shitty music that you can ask me about it if you want

my favourite members of the troupe are feitian, hisoka, and shalnark!!
my favourite characters in hunter x hunter are killua, hisoka, shaiapouf, and the whole troupe in their entirety (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

i really hope people join this group and do this!!!! this group is basically to just find people who like the phantom troupe/hunter x hunter and just ball the fuck out on some weeb nonsense like making our own nen and shit so like if you're interested in that definitely join this group and start posting ( ᐛ )و
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