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The so called 'Refugee Crisis'
Posted 12/17/15
How about we teach them English?
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Posted 12/17/15 , edited 12/17/15

DanteVSTheWorld wrote:

I did have another but can't remember link name. Or just search this stuff yourself, I gotta be up early tomorrow so I'll be getting off soon.

So many things wrong with that link, but the easiest is - you do realize that people who work can also get food stamps, right? I was replying to your item of "you know they don't work", so.. your point seems to be that those who have gone through the proper documentation programs (, that is, 5 years in the country for the most part, so even assuming your link lists accurate items, it's just showing how much work we have to do to help those in need in my country. Now, if it can be proven that they're all in refugee status.. which is already quite limited..
Otter Modder
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Posted 1/26/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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