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Odd Methods of Getting a Workout
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Posted 12/18/15 , edited 12/18/15

You can find ordinary weights on amazon or ebay, or just about any store with a workout section. The ones I use, I custom-made them, I made them out of denim (which is typically what you should use given it's the only thing I can find which is durable enough) and filled the weight pouches with metal shavings, got the metal shavings from a friend of mine who does metalworking. Painted the weights black and then waterproofed them. The result is weights that are smaller than ordinary weights (thus restricts less movement) however weigh far more than normal weights.

anticow wrote:

Are you trying to become Rock Lee?

Wasp-Zero wrote:

Op is F**king Rock lee....

True, I did get the idea of using weights off the Naruto series, shockingly it works if you use heavy enough weights. It started with me looking at how fast Rock Lee could move with weights off, then it got me into thinking "I wonder if this would work in real life?" and then I did some mythbusting on this, turns out it works, although doing stretches daily are recommended cause if you go and try to run as fast as you can with weights off, you can sprain your ankles easily without enough flexibility.

Was not able to get this quote to work, so I copy/pasted:

On another note, I do NOT recommend training by wearing that much weight.... especially if you are walking/running long distances. You will destroy your joints. Between a flak with sapi plates, kevlar helmet, a full pack, a rifle, and sometimes larger weaponry on my shoulders.... I have carried around a ton of weight for long distances... but I don't think it was even quite that much. The good news is that you can get faster at running just by carrying that around and marching/walking at a brisk pace.... even if you don't run at all. The bad news is that if you do that enough you'll be walking like an old man by your late 20s.

I CAN'T run, now... unless I want to do physical therapy and heat and ice my knee every day.

Not that you can't make good use of weights, because you can... but use them wisely. Exercising under immense amount of weight is only healthy in fiction, if you ask me.

guess it depends, I do stretches daily to keep flexibility, also, I do take weights off alot, pretty much I take them off whenever I need to run, jump, or lift something in general, I take them off during long walks or runs because taking weights off increases efficiency. also, I take weights off for a whole day once a month as just a little break to let my bones, joints, and so on, relax. I don't run while in weights, that REALLY can strain the joints, while wearing this much weight, like you said just a mere walk can increase speed, and strength. I've used weights for about 2 years, and I don't see any signs of damage, wear, or anything that could get worse long-term, guess it's a matter of start at a young age when you're body is still made of rubber.

HolyDrumstick wrote:

Also, because the guy above mentioned something similar.... body hardening techniques.

There are a number of body hardening techniques that require you to either strike with or take strikes at certain areas of your body. After a while your nervous system will be trained to withstand pain. Some of it is physical, and some of it is mental.... the bad part about the physical part is that it actually can cause permanent nerve deadening if not practiced properly or taken to extremes.

Usually though, body hardening techniques are only effective as long as you continue training in them, and you will usually go back to your normal wimpy self, if you stop. Just like most exercise.

Already have done fully body hardening, still do, and correctly because this was back when my sensei would correct me the whole way through. I started back when I was about 4 on body hardening, might explain why my bones and joints can handle the stress of my weights.
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Posted 12/18/15
I increased my flexibility by just doing large arts and crafts projects at home. I haven't done it in a while so I must get back to it. When I did finally try yoga it worked out beautiful because of what I'd done. I'd use my floor space sitting with my legs wide apart and stretch over my work until I was almost horizontal to the work and ground. Plus constant getting up and coming back to add pieces or stuff to my work. I have a dining table and a work desk but I don't find either comfortable or big enough when I'm making stuff. Sometimes I just run up and down my stairs for a little work out.
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Posted 1/26/17
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