Tried writing an interview with an immortal via my perspective
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Posted 12/18/15
In the year 2011 an avid reporter by the name of Alice came to interview an immortal.
A human who cannot die or age, It was an opportunity of a lifetime to interview someone such as he.

The following are the notes from the interview the immortal name disclosed will be referenced as B.

Alice: So what memories do you have of your early childhood or life?

B: I don't remember anything of either the human mind is finite but my lifespan is infinite, this results in me forgetting my past.

Alice: Does that not make your immortality a curse and how do you feel about watching those you love come and go whilst you lose your past memories?

B: Immortality being a curse is subjective and to me it is a gift, i watch those come and go as that is how the universe works i do not cry due to the lose of my memories as it just means i have more to make.

Alice: What made you pursue immortality and how did you become immortal?
B: I pursued it out of a fear of death and the means well that memory has faded with time.

Alice: what do you fear now?

B: I fear death and the end as it is the worst thing that could happen to a man a lifetime of torture would be better then to die.

Alice: why do you fear death if you are immortal?

B: Everything has it's end eventually the universe will die and i will die with it but on the case that i didn't i guess i would live forever in a blank void.

Alice: Does that not make you want to not be immortal how could you be ok with that happening to me it sounds like Immortality is a curse.

B: I do not wish to lose my immortality as it is a gift, sure it has it's downsides but it means i get to live and survive even if that means i suffer smile and wait in a void of nothingness forever.

Alice: Thank you for answering my questions is there anything you would like to say?

B: Life is the most important thing you have we should never wish it gone or throw it away it's an unpopular opinion as most people want to eventually die however those who do not should stand up and fight there fears.

If you want to fight death then do so with every ounce of your breath, no matter how futile the battle may seem you may find something else you are looking for on the road towards your goal of avoiding your end.

I know that was shit but this is really my first time in a loooong time writing and my grammar and spelling are awful
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Posted 12/18/15 , edited 12/18/15
Double post, so

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