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OPINION on gay guy going off on girl video!
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Posted 12/18/15
Embarrassing for all parties involved.
Posted 12/18/15 , edited 12/18/15

Well in a sense the employee can get into a lot of trouble regardless of whether or not they stole the Febreeze. Wonderful world we live in, right? I work retail and we at no time can accuse any customer of stealing.....basically we need to turn a blind eye to it all. If we get involved we can lose our job. I recall a family friend once who when at worked caught a guy stealing. The friend went to tell the manager and when the manager confronted the guy he denied it. It ended up with my friend getting fired. So yeah the employee, while doing what a lot of retail employees would love to do to thieves, is in the wrong and can lose his job and may get charged with harassment.

I once had a guy come in and scam us. He came back an hour later to try and do it again. However we caught on to it and refused to allow him to make the purchase. He got very upset and said what we were doing was illegal and i believe he even threatened to call the cops.

Also this one time this kid stole a pre-paid phone from electronics....keep in mind I could not confront him about it (apparently he is also known to care a knife). All I could do is say "Can I help you?" which does not necessarily work. Also get ready for's a family thing. His mom, his little brother, and him are all in on it. They have apparently stolen stuff before especially the phones.

And don't even get me started on returns and how people try to return items you know without a doubt had been stolen.

As much as I respect the employee for finally saying and doing what quite a few of retail employees would like to do, he should have just let it go and called the cops. That's all you really can do.

Oh and I'm in Virginia so it's not just Florida
Posted 12/18/15
Who the hell steals Febreeze? Are you kidding me?
Posted 12/18/15

Aeroclimatic wrote:

Who the hell steals Febreeze? Are you kidding me?

People will steal anything nowadays. I get people who will steal the little travel size items and then try to return it. Makeup is also a popular item that's stolen.
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Posted 12/23/15
Closed because OP nuked
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